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Security and Safety

        The security of residential quarters is directly related to the peace of life, life and property safety of residents. Safety precautions are the top priority of property management. Therefore, regular patrols of community security are an important preventive measure and the main point of modern residential property management. At present, the patrol work of many communities generally adopts the relatively traditional recording methods such as early sign-on and lead-time spot checks. This patrol method has poor reliability, low efficiency, unreasonable work execution, difficulty in supervision, lack of authenticity and easy cheating. Unexpected emergencies can not be processed in real time. Not only can managers not grasp the actual working conditions of patrol personnel, but also leave security risks for community security.


Zhigulian Community Property Patrol Solution consists of intelligent patrol flashlight and intelligent inspection system. Integrated inductive and contact patrol system functions, security personnel arrive at the designated inspection site according to the inspection plan, use intelligent patrol flashlight to collect information, and the inspection results can pass WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G/3G/2G multiple networks. The mode is transmitted to the system in real time. At the same time, it supports functions such as taking photos, live video, and free intercom. The emergency can be feedback to the command center at the first time. The management center can check the progress and results of the inspection work at any time in the background, and can perform real-time scheduling.


— Intelligent guided inspection: The administrator can preset the inspection route, location, time in the system, formulate the inspection work plan, and guide the whole route. Reasonably deploy patrol power and clarify the focus of patrols.

— Supervised inspection: check the location of the staff in real time and check the arrival of the staff. Support patrol track playback, keep track of the progress of the inspection and work execution.

— Voice intercom: Custom group, free intercom in the group, emergency scheduling can be scheduled in time.

— Intelligent reporting: Customize the reporting module according to the inspection points and set the form data. After the smart patrol flashlight collects the information, it reports it to the system in real time.

- Performance appraisal: develop key assessment indicators. The statistics of the patrols at different latitudes are counted, including the number of patrols, the patrol attendance rate, the number of missed detections, the number of abnormalities, and the abnormalities to be processed.

— Night lighting: The smart patrol flashlight has excellent glare lighting, and it is not afraid of black at night. Make sure night patrols work as usual.

Benefit analysis

1. The inspection information is transmitted in real time without manual finishing, which improves work efficiency and eliminates data fraud.

2. Efficiently supervise the implementation of patrol and inspection work to avoid laziness in the middle of the process and cause missed inspections. Effectively improve the quality of inspection work, ensure that patrols are in place, and eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner.

3. A variety of real-time communication methods to ensure the communication between the management center and the inspection personnel. In the event of an emergency, you can respond and get response processing in the first place. Minimize the damage caused by accidents.


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