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Warehouse Management System

In the traditional outbound management, the warehouse uses manual methods for sorting and unloading operations, which requires a large amount of work, long time, low efficiency, and high error rate. The records on the paper need to be twice transcribed to be transmitted to the background, so that the data information cannot be processed. Timely update to the inventory account system, can not ensure that the accounts and the physical objects are always unified, resulting in the distribution and delivery work can not be carried out smoothly; manual identification of goods, for similar goods are prone to error, it will not only affect the company's property losses Customer shopping experience and satisfaction.


Check the goods according to the delivery list, and attach a label to each item and send it to the logistics warehouse. Through the handheld machine, the warehouse manager can scan the product barcode and register the product from the library, arrange the library, and then upload the data directly to the back-end database system.

1. In the outbound sorting process, the goods can be automatically identified by PDA scanning, and records can be recorded to achieve accurate and fast delivery of goods;

2. Connect the WIFI, 3G and other wireless networks through the handheld ZKC3501, and upload the detailed information of the goods that have been shipped out, and deduct the inventory quantity to realize the dynamic update of real-time inventory;


1. Standardize the work and operation procedures of the staff out of the warehouse, improve the work efficiency and work quality, and at the same time strengthen the supervision and management of the staff;

2, the information is automatically entered, using the network to transfer to the database system, no need to copy the transcript, to achieve paperless office;

3, the correct sorting and order distribution, bid farewell to the inefficiency and mistakes of repeated sorting in the past, no longer the customer received the wrong goods or the shortage of quantity, customer satisfaction has been greatly improved;


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