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Online ordering system
        The order is the first step in the service of the take-out merchants. How to order orders in an orderly and efficient manner during the peak period? How to achieve unified automatic printing of multiple take-out platform orders?


In combination with the actual needs of take-away physical merchants such as snack bars, coffee shops and dessert shops, Zhigulian specially designed and produced the intelligent terminal ZKC5501 for take-out automatic order printing, and independently developed a store invoicing management software system. The two are used together, and the hardware plus software provides a solution that integrates automatic order receiving, high-speed printing, commodity big data intelligent analysis, data collection and information access functions.


-achieve the function

1. Log in to the Zhiyingke APP to bind multiple stores and take-out platform information, and the orders received by each take-out platform are clear at a glance;

2, can set the order to automatically receive orders, and never miss any take-out orders;

3, using ZKC5501, automatic order printing, no need to buy additional printers.

- the system composition

Smart payment terminal: ZKC5501

Invoicing management system: Zhiyingke

-the benefit analysis

1. ZKC5501+ Zhiyingke is perfectly used to provide customers with convenient and efficient take-out service;

2. Respond to the needs of consumers in the first time, improve the good user experience of the takeaway stores, and attract more customers;

3, at the same time integrated scanner, data collector, inventory machine, printer's main functions, a multi-purpose machine, saving costs.


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