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Logistics and express
I. Overview
Rapid economic development and the popularity of the Internet. The development and competition within the logistics industry is also increasing, and the needs of customers are diversified. The current logistics system has been unable to meet the development requirements. Therefore, an integrated logistics management platform is needed. And RFID, barcode recognition technology. It will be an effective means of inputting data quickly and accurately. Solve the problems in the current logistics industry. The program integrates with the computer system, using bar code and RFID automatic identification technology, mobile handheld terminal technology to build an integrated logistics information processing platform (logistics management platform)

2. Handheld terminal

PDA2802 mobile data terminal is a bar code collection device combining barcode recognition, RFID reading and writing, handheld computer, GPRS and GPS technology. In the express logistics, help the company to serve customers accurately and quickly. Accurately grasp the tracking of the express delivery process, analyze and manage the work of the courier and the transportation status of the object.
Catching the Internet, bar code, logistics platform and wireless GPRS technology. Quickly master information, speed up service, increase efficiency, and reduce costs


1, the express document barcode identification
Use a bar code label printer to print or print a shipment document, and uniquely identify each item or letter so that the courier system can track the shipment and the customer can query the shipment.
2. Collection and transmission of express mail circulation information
The C5000 mobile data terminal is used for barcode scanning in the process of express collection, transportation, delivery, etc., and the data information is transmitted to the information platform through the wireless GPRS network.
3. Logistics management platform
The statistics, management and distribution of logistics system operation information realize the mobile computing management of logistics express delivery business and enhance the competitive advantage of express delivery.
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