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Parking system

With the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles in the country, traffic-related problems such as traffic congestion, parking difficulties, random stops, accidents, and vehicle safety are becoming more and more serious. Especially for seasonal scenic parking lots, rural town parking lots or remote suburban temporary parking lots, due to geographical and environmental restrictions, parking lot management is not standardized, and the level of intelligence is low; manual copying of license plates is time-consuming, labor-intensive and efficient; Disputes; cumbersome operating procedures and high labor costs.

How to effectively improve the management problems of parking lots and intelligent and mobile parking management is a major challenge for parking lot managers.


The Zhigulian parking lot charge management solution consists of two parts: the parking fee handset and the parking fee APP. It uses the parking charge handheld scanner scanning identification technology, wireless communication technology, and thermal printing technology, and is equipped with a parking fee APP to realize various functions such as intelligent identification of license plates, system automatic timing and billing, and parking ticket printing. It realizes efficient management of parking resources and provides efficient, convenient and orderly services for urban transportation and parking. After the vehicle enters the management area, the administrator uses the Zhigulian handheld to scan and recognize the license plate number to start timing, and updates the parking space status in the APP. When the vehicle leaves the vehicle, the Zhigulian handheld recognizes the license plate number to obtain the entry and exit time of the vehicle. The parking time and the parking fee, the administrator collects the parking management fee accordingly, and prints the small ticket after the payment is completed.

Achieve function

— License plate recognition: When the vehicle enters and exits, the ZKC3506 scans and recognizes the license plate number and charges for one-click parking. Real-time access to information such as vehicle departure time, parking duration and parking costs;

— Parking space binding: After the vehicle enters the market, the corresponding parking space is bound to the APP, and the parking space status is updated in the system;

— Parking space visualization management: The current free parking spaces and used parking space information are clear at a glance.

— Transparent charging: The system automatically counts and bills according to the time of entry and exit and the length of parking.

— Ticket printing: ZKC3506 automatically prints a parking fee ticket.

Benefit analysis

1, the license plate automatic identification, efficient and accurate, fast access.

2, the parking process is simple, the expense account is clear, there are evidence to rely on, to avoid disputes. There is no need to manually calculate the parking time and the amount of parking, and reduce the manpower input and management costs of the parking lot.

3, parking charge handheld integrated scanning identification, small ticket printing and other functions, easy to operate, can be carried with you. Improve the efficiency of the management staff and shorten the waiting time of customers.

4. Accurately grasp the usage of the parking space, the status of the whole parking space can be seen at any time, and improve the turnover rate of the parking space.

5. Assist in the orderly management of parking lots, standardize operations, and increase revenue.


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